Exploring Exoplanets

This book introduces young readers to planets outside of our solar system, which are called exoplanets. Each of them orbits around a star, but not the same star that Earth orbits around (the Sun). Doing the research was exciting. I didnít catch a ride on NASAís Kepler space craft. But the Kepler was making news while I was writing the book. The Kepler has been finding a lot of exoplanets with its telescope. Astronomers think that one day, the Kepler will find an exoplanet about the same size as Earth, and in the Goldilocks zone. It wonít be too close to its star, which would make it very, very hot. And it wonít be too far away, which would make the planet freezing cold. In the Goldilocks zone, the exoplanet would be just the right temperature to support life.

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